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Lost Springsoft Registration Number

Where can I find the Springsoft Registration Details

The Springsoft Registration details can be found on the original invoice you received from Springsoft. If you are unable to locate this invoice please read on.

We Can Help

In order to help you we need proof that you have previously owned a copy of VA2000. You, therefore, have two options. Use the option most suitable for your circumstances:

  1. If you have the original Visual Accounts 2000 floppy disks (not copies) that you received from Springsoft you can send them to us. VA2 and VA3 disks are not acceptable, only the original VA2000 floppy disks. (If you only have the VA2 or VA3 disks you can still upgrade to VA2000-32 Business Edition - see the order form that can be found in Visual Accounts Help menu for more details).

  2. - OR -

  3. Send us a copy of your Data File (the VAD file) on a floppy disk (use the Backup Option in VA2000's File menu to create the copy). It must be a copy, not the original, in case it gets lost in the mail. If you need help creating a copy of the VAD File, please Contact Us.

 Our Guarantee:
  • We will treat your accounts with the utmost confidentiality.
  • Only one person within JQL will have access to the floppy disk.
  • The file (your Accounts) will not be opened with Visual Accounts, though the file will be checked for authenticity.
  • No information will be removed or copied from your floppy disk.
  • Your disk will be returned to you.

How does it work and what does it cost?

Using the Lost Springsoft Registration Details Offer Form, send the VAD (Data) file or the Original Visual Accounts 2000 floppy disks to us, by Post. Enclose a cheque for 37.99, made payable to JQL, along with the completed Form and we will email you your Registration Details for Visual Accounts 2000-32 Business Edition. If you would rather obtain your new details on line please email us for details.

Your new Registration Details will be on the receipt we send you and, so that the details are easier to find in future. Your Registration Details will be emailed to you so you must ensure that your email address is correct and that your Spam Filter will accept emails from We will also return your original floppy disks back to you.

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